Circularity Capital at Global Corporate Venturing Symposium

Circularity Capital has joined a number of the world's leading corporate venture firms to explore how the circular economy is driving new business opportunities across a range of industry sectors and how businesses can capture more of this opportunity. Circularity Capital was engaged in a panel debate, hosted by by Charmian Love, by representatives from Fashion for Good, a strategic partner working to accelerate circular economy innovation in the fashion industry and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global hub for circular economy business activities. 


Circularity Capital joined a number of the world’s leading fashion brands and their supply chain partners to celebrate the launch of the Amsterdam based Fashion for Good initiative. Fashion for Good aims to stimulate innovation in the fashion and textiles value chains by moving industry's focus from “take, make, dispose", to "take, make, remake".” Circularity Capital is a strategic partner of the Fashion for Good initiative, focussing on supporting the initiative through sharing market insight and access to capital, talent and new business development opportunities. 

Leslie Johnson, Executive Director C&A Foundation | William McDonough, Founder Cradle 2 Cradle design philosophy | Marie Claire Daveu-Kering, CSO Kerin | Andrew Shannon, Partner Circularity Capital

Leslie Johnson, Executive Director C&A Foundation | William McDonough, Founder Cradle 2 Cradle design philosophy | Marie Claire Daveu-Kering, CSO Kerin | Andrew Shannon, Partner Circularity Capital

Supporting SME growth and innovation in the circular economy

Over the past two months Circularity Capital has also supported a number of events as part of its mission of delivering value for investors by supporting SME growth and innovation in the circular economy.

On 30th November 2016 Circularity Capital co-hosted 'Invest In The Future - Unleashing The Potential Of Circular Economy' in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. During the course of the event, David Mowat participated in a panel discussion, offering an investor’s perspective on the importance of investing in SME innovation across the circular economy. The event also acted as a showcase for 10 global circular start-ups highlighting the increasing breadth of circular innovation across the SME eco-system.

Circularity Capital has hosted a FinanCE Group workshop in Edinburgh to explore the opportunities for finance and investment in the circular economy. The Group, part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's CE100 programme, includes representatives from ABN AMRO, EIB, Intesa Sanpaolo, Rabo Bank and PGGM. During the workshop participants heard from a number of SMEs operating in the circular economy in addition to meeting representatives from the Scottish Government and enterprise agencies including Zero Waste Scotland.

Circularity Capital has supported the 2016 Circular Economy European Summit in Barcelona on 15-17th November both through its role as a panelist, exploring the specific financial requirements of businesses operating in the circular economy, and through a series of engagements with growth stage SMEs looking to scale up their role in enabling the circular economy. The event focused on the role that cities play as accelerators in the circular economy, given their increased connectivity, high population density and levels of innovation and development.


Circularity Capital has hosted a FinanCE Group workshop in Edinburgh to explore the opportunities for finance and investment in the circular economy. The Group, part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's CE100 programme, includes representatives from ABN AMRO, EIB, Intesa San Paolo, Rabo Bank and PGGM. During the workshop participants heard from a number of SMEs operating in the circular economy in addition to meeting representatives from the Scottish Government and enterprise agencies including Zero Waste Scotland. 

Circularity Capital supports Clinton Global Initiative initiative on circular economy

The Clinton Global Initiative have hosted a meeting on the circular economy as a framework for innovation and investment. The meeting, hosted by Clinton Global Initiative member Hogan Lovells brought together senior representatives from business, government, academia and finance. Circularity Capital joined Merrill Lynch and Unilever to provide insight into a panel session hosted by Bill Burckart of Burckart Consulting. The event forms part of an initiative by Circularity Capital and Burckart Consulting to support Clinton Global Initiative's broader programme on the circular economy in advance of its annual meeting on September 19–21 in New York City.

Circularity Capital runs workshop for Benelux SMEs - Ghent, Belgium, 18th May

Circularity Capital has joining forces with i-Cleantech Vlaanderen to run a workshop for Benelux based SMEs enabling the circular economy. Participants explored the role of finance and investment in accelerating the circular economy in addition to latest market trends and the key commercial drivers for scaling circular business practices. 

The event forms part of Circularity Capital’s broader European SME engagement programme, which focuses on identifying and support high-potential circular economy businesses with access to operational expertise, talent, information and capital. 

Jamie Butterworth, Partner at Circularity Capital also addressed a conference of business leaders and investors in Antwerp on the eve of the workshop as part of CleanTech Connected 2016. The keynote presentation focussed on 'innovation and the circular economy', as part of the theme for CleanTech Connected 2016.


The Dutch Embassy, Green Alliance and ING Bank hosted an event in London on the 10th March 2016 to discuss how the financial sector can support corporates in adopting a circular approach to business. The event was organised to network with CFOs, Group Treasurers and other financial decision makers on what the implications are of moving towards circular business models and to share insight on how the circular economy is impacting their competitiveness.

The event included input from Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende Ph.D., Partner Corporate Responsibility at EY and former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ms Ulrike Sapiro, Director of Sustainability, The Coca-Cola Company, Mr Justin Keeble, Managing Director, Accenture and Jamie Butterworth, Partner, Circularity Capital. 

View Jamie's interview with Sue Armstrong Brown, Policy Director of Green Alliance, on 'unlocking the commercial opportunities of the circular economy'.


Circularity Capital to host workshop with Innovate UK on ‘Financing Circular Business Models’ during world’s largest circular economy event.

Resource is a leading conference-led exhibition for businesses looking to improve resource productivity and adopt circular business models. The event connects professionals from across the textiles, automotive, food, retail, chemicals, construction and electrical industries to help them to learn about the circular economy, network and find new partners and solutions.

The ‘Financing Circular Business Models’ workshop is for businesses looking to drive competitiveness and innovation through adopting circular practices and will explore the role of finance as an enabler and how businesses can accelerate their access to capital, market, talent and information.

Date: 09 Mar 16 Time: 16:00 - 16:45
Location: London ExCeL

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This week Circularity Capital joined representatives from Intesa Sanpaolo, Jaguar Land Rover, Novelis, Cisco, Innovate UK and the CBI at to explore the value creation potential of circular economy business models for financial institutions, multinational companies and their SME supply chain partners. The event was hosted by Accenture’s Circular Economy Strategy team in London, UK. Insight from the session will be used to identify opportunities for business to collaborate with financial institutions to create new sources of value in the transition towards a circular economy.

Circularity Capital shortlisted for award at 2016 World Economic Forum

Circularity Capital has been selected as a finalist for The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders to recognise individuals and organizations from commerce and civil society across the globe that have made a notable contribution to accelerating the circular economy.

Circularity Capital has been shortlisted as an investment organisation which is providing financial backing for the circular economy to become mainstream. This category is open to venture capital and private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, investment banks, and other entities or individuals who are supporting businesses operating in the circular economy.

Recipients at the 2015 awards included Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc and Sir Ian Cheshire, former CEO of Kingfisher Plc. The winners of the 2016 Circulars will be announced during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2016. Sponsors of the awards include Accenture, BT, EcoLab, Alliance Trust, SAB Miller and Fortune.

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Date: Wednesday 11th November

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Ltd, 2 Broadgate, London, EC2M 7UR

Circularity Capital will join representatives from the European Investment Bank and PGGM to explore the intersection between investing with impact and the circular economy. The event is hosted by the Impact Investor Club in conjunction with Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). William Burckart the Founder and CEO of Burckart Consulting will lead the discussion and cover the potential, the pitfalls, and the promise ahead for re-building the future economy and influencing capital allocation at scale. 

Please register here to join the session in person, at ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange in London:

Or here to join online via the DIF platform: (Please note – the actual live stream link won’t be available until the time of the event).

Either way, you will get to have your say and put your questions to the panel. In the meantime, check out the Quartz op-ed here

Ian Nolan joins Circularity Capital as Partner and Investment Committee Chairman

Circularity Capital is delighted to announce that Ian Nolan, former Chief Investment Officer of the Green Investment Bank and 3i Group, has joined Circularity Capital as a Partner and Chairman of its Investment Committee. Ian’s experience and market knowledge is an excellent complement to the existing team and will further strengthen Circularity Capital’s capacity to deliver value for investors by supporting SME growth and innovation in the circular economy.

Ian Nolan said “SMEs are integral to the shift towards the circular economy and this provides a huge opportunity for investors. I am excited to be joining Circularity Capital to support the team capitalise on this opportunity”.

About Ian Nolan: Ian is the former Chief Investment Officer of the Green Investment Bank and 3i Group. He started his career at 3i in 1987 becoming Chief Investment Officer in 2009 with responsibility for managing £10 billion of assets. He has a diverse range of global equity and debt investment experience and was a member of a number of 3i Group's executive and risk management committees, including the Executive Committee, Investment Committee, Risk Committee and Conflicts Committee. In 2011, Ian established the team which set up the UK Green Investment Bank, and was then Chief Investment Officer through to 2014. Since inception the bank has mobilised £5 billion into the UK alternative energy sector.

About Circularity Capital: Circularity Capital is a specialist private equity firm dedicated to facilitating the achievement of attractive returns for investors through supporting small to medium sized businesses to seize the commercial opportunities of the circular economy.

Circularity Capital interview with Financial Times

London, August, 2015 - The Financial Times has published an article on the circular economy highlighting the engagement amongst businesses and the clear economic case for shifting from a linear to a circular economic model. The article included input from Philips, Renault and Interface as well as financial institutions including ING and Circularity Capital.

Click here for the full article

Bringing Impact Investing Down to Earth - Money Management Institute

WASHINGTON, D.C, June, 2015 – The Money Management Institute (MMI), the national association representing the $4 trillion managed investment solutions and wealth management industry, has published a report entitled Bringing Impact Investing Down to Earth: Insights for Making Sense, Managing Outcomes, and Meeting Client Demand including an essay from Jamie Butterworth of Circularity Capital on the opportunity posed by the circular economy. The report examines the systems, indices, and other kinds of resources that have emerged to help with the measurement, management, and marketing of the non-financial performance of investments and evaluating them by the social good they achieve. The report details the growing client demand for impact investing – the practice of investing with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return – and the obstacles to truly widespread adoption. Chief among these is the need to address issues related to transparency. Building on an earlier report released by MMI in May 2014 – Serving Client Demand for Impact Investing: A Hands-on Guide for Financial Advisors and Senior Management – and a series of in-depth interviews with key senior executives, the new report offers greater clarity on how to link social and environmental impact with existing wealth management activities in the financial services industry. It also includes essays by other leading practitioners who are learning by doing including – Erika Karp and John Wilson of Cornerstone Capital Group, Mark Sloss of UBS, and Anna Snider of Merrill Lynch. 

Circularity Capital host an innovation workshop at the Nexus Europe Youth Summit

The fourth, annual Nexus Europe Youth Summit saw the Circularity Capital team host an innovation workshop for entrepreneurs and business owners in the network. Participants explored how the circular economy creates value and provides a lens for product and business model innovation through a series of business case studies and then used these insights to apply to their own business. The Nexus Youth Network convenes young leaders, philanthropists, impact investors, family business members and social entrepreneurs globally, to identify and innovate collaborative approaches to solving the world’s greatest challenges. 

Material Circularity Indicator methodology launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design Limited

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation together with Granta Design Limited, as part of the European Life+ program has developed a methodology to measure material circularity – Material Circularity Indicator (MCI). The methodology was launched at the Royal Institution in London with its stakeholder group of academic institutions, NGOs and businesses, including HP, Unilever, Kingfisher and PWC. 

Circularity Capital was one of a number of industry parties to provide input during the development of the methodology and will use MCI, as a measure of relative material decoupling, alongside a suite of additional measures (across the pillars of Natural, Social & Financial Capital) to benchmark and assess the performance of SME investments.

The methodology provides a relative indication of the circularity of a product or company and thus its progress towards a circular economic model. For more information link  

Circularity Capital to be profiled at leading European Private Impact Investment Summit

Circularity Capital has been selected as one of a small number of firms to be showcased during the annual PYMWYMIC Impact Days Summit in the Netherlands (April 21, 2015). The annual gathering of European capital holders brings together over 100 family offices as well as a small number of institutional investors.

Jamie Butterworth and David Mowat, two of the founding partners of Circularity Capital, will highlight the opportunities in the transition towards the circular economy and its impact at an individual company and economy level.