We work in close partnership with the teams we support, applying our experience and network to assist the promotion, development and delivery of their circular economic strategies. We take an active, hands-on approach, engaging on a regular basis with businesses. Our independence allows us to make decisions quickly and decisively and on a fully informed basis. 

We believe in fostering strong partnerships.  We ensure that the same team will engage with businesses from first engagement throughout the life of each business. Our approach is a whole-hearted professional commitment to help the development of each business and thus create value. Our input will focus primarily on four pillars of support:

  1. Strategic support and guidance: Using our deep understanding of the circular economy and extensive experience, we support businesses to develop and deliver their strategic plans;
  2. Specialist operational support: Using Circularity Capital's network to access the right operational partners to provide specialist practical support to businesses;
  3. Capability Building: Access to the world’s leading thinking on the circular economy, approaches to value creation, market trends and business model innovation; and
  4. Business/market development: Connecting businesses with potential customers, strategic partners, market development & value realisation opportunities.

If you believe that your business would benefit from the support of Circularity Capital please contact us: info@circularitycapital.com