Circularity Capital uses the circular economy as a framework to identify and assist selected European SMEs to capture the value creation opportunities from their continued adoption of circular economic practices. Circularity Capital seeks out businesses that can out-perform the market and their linear competitors by applying the circular economy framework. As a partner we bring a unique skill-set and network to support the growth and market development of our businesses.

Circularity Capital seeks to identify businesses operating in Europe that require £1m - £5m of equity investment and fulfil one or more of the following criteria: 

  1. Circular Economy Transformers: SMEs that have started moving from a linear to circular operating model and posses the potential to significantly accelerate growth and impact;
  2. Circular Economy Operators: SMEs that operate in one of the sectors that are identified by the 'loops' on the circular economy wing-diagram, where access to the wider circular economy ecosystem can accelerate growth and impact; and
  3. Circular Economy Enablers: Businesses with a product, service, solution or innovation that will support the acceleration of the circular economy in other companies and organisations.

As part of our process we carry out detailed due diligence so that we understand the unique challenges, risks and opportunities that shape business strategy. With all decisions we give detailed consideration to valuation and terms and always aim to be fair and transparent.

Our independence and close knit team allows us to have short internal approval processes enabling us to make decisions quickly and decisively.